About our situation


This situation, our situation, is an amazing one.

Our ability to read, comprehend, ponder our place, or even to think of ourselves as separate from everything else, is incredibly unique. 

We could be any other manner of being. According to how some people understand our situation, we have been. Many times.

The world of physics has suggested that time itself results from the friction between matter. With time, matter can accumulate. As matter accumulates, mass results and from it, gravity and lighter matter’s attraction to it.

As things mix and compress, matter changes. It transforms and mutates over space and time, creating fantastic things. Like us. 

Beyond the allegories of this idea, consider the place of living things on a planet floating amongst a bazillion other chunks of frozen or burning matter. Then think about the cells that we know comprise our bodies and the atoms and forces acting on each other. Space, time, and matter. 

That’s our situation and it is beyond comprehensible. It’s okay.

How we understand and interpret our situation is a capability afforded to us by our large brains imbuing ourselves with a sense of independence as a survival mechanism.

We’re all in this situation.

About the soul

I’m reading “The Seat of the Soul.” It’s quite popular and reports to have touched the souls of millions.

This has me pondering the nature of “the soul.”

Webster’s defines a soul as “the immaterial essence, animating principle, or actuating cause of an individual life.

It is both that which types these words pondering an immaterial essence and that which reads these words.

The author spends a lot of time teasing out what distinguishes the soul from the soulless. I’m pondering it all on a Saturday morning with coffee.

Is it the soul that paints?

Recent pigment on cloth, arranged by this soul.

Where do we work?

I work wherever I’m at as a lot of what I do is thinking through situations, circumstances, and response options. It’s a circular, spirally mental process in a way, but it’s how I work.

And with that, I need to keep the thoughts spinning on situation where pressure and tension are building up.

People need to be heard, their pains shared, in order to move forward sometimes.